Team Profiles

Kent Baake

Alias: Chewbaake

Favorite local trail: Fountainhead

Favorite non-local trail: Timber to Wolf off Reddish Knob

Favorite local race: SM100

Best race result: 1st Place Mens 35+ Expert Wednesday at Wakefield 2009 and 2011

Number of bikes owned: : Nine

Favorite bike owned: Pivot Firebird

E-bikes are… .scary

Roadies are… weird, except for Peter Sagan

Shaved legs or hairy legs: Hairy like Chewbaake

Favorite thing about cycling: Adrenaline smiles with friends

Least favorite thing about cycling: Can’t think of any

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Darren Biggs

Alias: a number of them

Favorite local trail: New Berg in the Shed(Dual Suspension), MoCo South (Rigid)

Favorite non-local trail: Rattling Creek Trail, Lykens PA

Favorite local race: To Race 12hours of Lodi(gone) To Watch DCCX

Best race result: 1st place expert 3 man Cranky races. 24 hours of Granny Gear.

Number of bikes owned: : around 25, right now, Moots Road, Bailey CX, Krampus Rigid 29+, Giant Anthem 29er,(dual Sus), Chrome Road SS, Tsunami Road/CX Tandem.

Favorite bike owned: Current Moots (Road) Cannondale beast of the east 24″ rear 26″ front first MT bike for me

E-bikes are… Good for Urban commuting, not so sure about shared paved trails, for share off road trails, they do not belong there, bike specific like fountainhead I am ok with.

Roadies are… are only seeing one side cycling, and to get their tires in dirt every now and again.

Shaved legs or hairy legs: Hairy, I am not Pro

Favorite thing about cycling: Going to cool places and seeing beautiful views.

Least favorite thing about cycling: The amount of work they cause, to keep things running smooth(especially off-road bikes)
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Brian Chamowitz


Favorite local trail: Anything FredShed

Favorite non-local trail: Braley’s Pond & Confederate Breastworks Loop (near Harrisonburg)

Favorite local race: Anything Michaux or in West Virginia

Best race result: Not last

Number of bikes owned: : I’m down to two!

Favorite bike owned: Trek-Gary Fischer HiFi Delux (still own)

E-bikes are… great for getting more people on two-wheels

Roadies are… too serious

Shaved legs or hairy legs: C’mon, this is a mountain bike club..

Favorite thing about cycling: Moving like a fish in water

Least favorite thing about cycling: Hmmm…

Matt Conte


Favorite local trail: Currently, “Upper Rock Creek” (the legal one)

Favorite non-local trail: Duthie Hill in Seattle was fun.

Favorite local race: DCCX obviously, with Charm City Cross a close second.

Best race result: 4-year reigning champion of the Terrapin Triathlon (team relay category). I don’t run and swim even less, but I do enjoy racing bikes against people who do those other things.

Number of bikes owned: : 6 at the time of writing (Gary Fisher Superfly, Redline Conquest Pro, Ridley Crossbow, Litespeed Palmares, LeMond Zurich, RadWagon).

Favorite bike owned: It changes depending on weather/season/mood.

E-bikes are… fun and practical (disclaimer: We own a 70 lb. e-cargo bike/tank).

Roadies are… people too.

Shaved legs or hairy legs: (pictured below).

Favorite thing about cycling: The state of mind it usually brings.

Least favorite thing about cycling: Cars.

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Parker Crowe

Alias: Dark Park is kinda catching on.

Favorite local trail: to DC: The mind blowing feeling of one of the first times on a MTB since high school blasting through the first bermed section at Fountainhead. To Denver: Something special about North Fork for me recently.

Favorite non-local trail: To DC: Lookout Mountain at Stokesville? To Denver: Maybe Penitente Canyon in San Luis Valley. Still a lifetime of stuff to get to.

Favorite local race: DC: Michaux Maximus. Denver: Laramie Enduro

Best race result: 4th in singlespeed at Laramie Enduro 2017. I also won a firewood-laden cargo bike individual time trial at Kingman Island Bluegrass Fest.

Number of bikes owned: : 4. Surly Krampus, Mosaic XT-1 (for sale if anyone wants to pay shipping or fly out to test ride!), Felt F5 SL, Fat Chance Buckshaver city bike.

Favorite bike owned: Krampus. No suspension or shifting means it’s perfectly dialed 100% of the time.

E-bikes are… . a car replacement that is viable for many people.

Roadies are… going to buy a mountain bike someday and like that better.

Shaved legs or hairy legs: Passing people with shaved legs must feel better than the shaved legs feel to that person, right? Kinda like passing someone on a TT bike on the road or downhill on a rigid MTB.

Favorite thing about cycling: Clarity of purpose within and bonding with cool folks without.

Least favorite thing about cycling: Realizing you were in the wrong after a road rage incident. Road rage and unsafe road situations in general.

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Chris Danaceau


Favorite local trail: 10 Mile Trail – Black Hills

Favorite non-local trail: Big Bear

Favorite local race: Gone 🙁 9 hr Cranky Monkey at Rocky Gap

Best race result: 1st place Michaux endurance series – 2012 (20 mile Master)

Number of bikes owned: : 6?

Favorite bike owned: Salsa Fargo

E-bikes are…. Here to stay

Roadies are… our brothers

Shaved legs or hairy legs: hairy

Favorite thing about cycling: when it all comes together – bike, fitness, skills

Least favorite thing about cycling: nothing – even when it’s bad it’s good
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Jed Dinger


Favorite local trail: Confidential.

Favorite non-local trail: Pisgah trails.

Favorite local race: DCCX. Second favorite: Crosshairs Garage races.

Best race result: First place, tandem with Darren in the Crosshairs garage races. Otherwise, mid-pack is my mantra.

Number of bikes owned: : 6

Favorite bike owned: Moots, Psyclo-X.

E-bikes are… inevitable

Roadies are… Generally more uptight. No, definitely more uptight.

Shaved legs or hairy legs: Somewhere in between.

Favorite thing about cycling: Affordable (mental) health care.

Least favorite thing about cycling: Stressing about not being ready for a group ride.
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Michael Donovan

Alias: Dr. D

Favorite local trail: Frederick Watershed

Favorite non-local trail: Flume Trail (Lake Tahoe)

Favorite local race: Hilly Billy Roubaix

Best race result: 2nd at Fall 2017 Off-road Triathlon at National Whitewater Center (Charlotte, NC)

Number of bikes owned: : 8

Favorite bike owned: Trek Fuel EX

E-bikes are… . a great alternative to cars

Roadies are… my friends. (My entree into competitive cycling was through road and triathlon.)

Shaved legs or hairy legs: Hairy

Favorite thing about cycling: Meeting kindred spirits who share a love of being on 2 wheels.

Least favorite thing about cycling: Feeling threatened on the road by distracted drivers.
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Mark Drajem
Alias: Ragin’ Drajem
Favorite local trail: Garrett’s Pass in Patapsco
Favorite non-local trail: Bridger-Teton trails
Favorite local race: SM100
Best race result: 3rd (with Jed) in Big Bear 2×12 40+
Number of bikes owned: : 3
Favorite bike owned: Bridgestone RB1

E-bikes are… .not right for trails
Roadies are… our cousins. They just aren’t always friendly about it
Shaved legs or hairy legs: Hairy unless my training gets serious
Favorite thing about cycling: Exploring new trails — especially with my son
Least favorite thing about cycling: maintenance and mechanicals
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Name: George Flam

Alias: The Goblin

Favorite local trail: Cabin John Trail – because it’s only 5 miles from my house, so I can ride to it, a opposed to driving to trails. Also, it’s fast and flowy…

Favorite non-local trail: Anything in the Harrisonburg area – world class riding on soooo many trails

Favorite local race: Michaux Series

Best race result: 2nd Overall in Michaux Series (2013?). 2nd fastest Cat 2 MD male, 5th overall (50 – 55) at 2013 MD State Championship.

Number of bikes owned: : 4 currently – prob over a dozen over the years…

Favorite bike owned: 2015 Trek Fuel EX 9.8 – it is ill what this m-f-ing thing can ride over at speed! A blend of xc and all-mtn. capabilities, so perfect for MoCo and P-tap trails. Manageable up at the ‘shed as well…

E-bikes are… . for roads only!

Roadies are… generally weenies, with a few exceptions…

Shaved legs or hairy legs: hairy!

Favorite thing about cycling: “riding gives you plenty of time to think, or not think…” Heard this from a local during a ride up at Slatyfork around 20 years ago

Least favorite thing about cycling: maintenance, repairs, on-trail mechanical issues

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Scott Fulton

Alias: Trail Genie

Favorite local trail: Ft. DuPont …hello

Favorite non-local trail: Santos, Ocala FL

Favorite local race: Quantico Epic urrr DCCX

Best race result: You’re a winner kid!

Number of bikes owned: : 8

Favorite bike owned: Santa Cruz Highball

E-bikes are… great for the wife/kid commute

Roadies are… automotive target practice.

Shaved legs or hairy legs: depends on the sex

Favorite thing about cycling: N+1

Least favorite thing about cycling: flat tires in the dead of winter when your buddies are heckling you for not topping off the Stans.

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Colin Hughes

Alias: EnHughesiasm

Favorite local trail: North Fork Mountain

Favorite non-local trail: Umpqua River Trail

Favorite local race: Michaux Maximus

Best race result: 1/90

Number of bikes owned: : 9

Favorite bike owned: Trek 520 Touring

E-bikes are… . Way better than cars in cities

Roadies are… the people I call when the trails are wet

Shaved legs or hairy legs: Hairy

Favorite thing about cycling: You can explore a place

Least favorite thing about cycling: Cars get in the way

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Alex Ippoliti

Alias: Slim (long story involving a WWE wrestler, ER visit, and my old commander)

Favorite local trail: I have a special place in my heart for Cabin John. The first singletrack I discovered after moving to the area.

Favorite non-local trail: Johnson Pass, Alaska

Favorite local race: So far…Patapsco Trail Fest was pretty cool. I mean, DCCX!

Best race result: 1 (of 3) at the Alaska Grinder

Number of bikes owned: : For myself, 5: Fat, MTB, CX, road, commuter. For the family, 7: strider, 12″, 16″, 20″ MTB, 24″+ MTB, 26″ MTB, Mrs.’ Fat. Counting the family’s since I generally do the care and feeding of those, too…All modified to varying degrees.

Favorite bike owned: Fattie. That bike made me an all-season rider. Ridden it everywhere, in every condition. So much fun!

E-bikes are… .great for Amazon delivery services, families, and me when the knees finally go.

Roadies are… hard to hate. I masquerade as a roadie sometimes too.

Shaved legs or hairy legs: I just want to be silky smooth!

Favorite thing about cycling: meeting cool people and exploring new places

Least favorite thing about cycling: Someone let cars on the road. Also, every home cycling project seems to end up in the mechanics’ shop

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Todd Keller

Alias: TK

Favorite local trail: Schaeffer Farm + SRT

Favorite non-local trail: South Mountain Park – Phoenix, Arizona (Desert Classic & National Trail)

Favorite local race: DCCX (we contractually have to say that)

Best race result: 1st Place Cranky Monkey Dark Side

Number of bikes owned: : 11 (Lapierre MTB, Diamondback MTB, IRO SS MTB, Surly Big Dummy, Bontrager CX, Raleigh CX, Gunnar Road, Klein Road, Specialized Road, Scattante Road, 1972 Schwinn Hollywood Cruiser)

Favorite bike owned: The one I’m riding!

E-bikes are… Going to be awesome when I am 70 smoking those young punks up the climbs!

Roadies are… an interesting species

Shaved legs or hairy legs: Shaved clean because it allows me to slice through the air on my way to Strava glory! And it gives me TONS of credibility with those roadies (see above)

Favorite thing about cycling: FREEDOM!!!

Least favorite thing about cycling: Indoor trainers and winter riding…ugh!
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Ken Nisbet

Alias: Friends usually call me Kenny

Favorite local trail: “Meadowhead”- doing Fountainhead and Meadowood in the same day. Also Schaeffer Farms and Patapsco, when I can make it out there.

Favorite non-local trail: Hard to pick just one- Big Rock Trail in Dupont State Forest, North Carolina stands out.

Favorite local race: DCCX

Best race result: My race record is impeccable. I’ve never lost a single race.*
*I’ve also never entered a race.

Number of bikes owned: : Apparently I may not be a serious mountain biker because I only have four MTB or CX bikes in my quiver right now, three of which I actually ride and one I keep in reserve for friends.

Favorite bike owned: Probably my Santa Cruz Heckler. From the burly wilds of Pisgah to the smooth rollercoaster trails of Rosaryville, this thing has lapped up everything I’ve thrown at it.

E-bikes are… .a worthwhile purchase when the technology evolves to the point where my bike can ignore my work emails for me.

Roadies are… one of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Shaved legs or hairy legs: Who cares? It’s scars on the shins that are the mark of a true cyclist.

Favorite thing about cycling: it’s an inclusive lifestyle. Regardless of who we all are or where we came from, people who “get” cycling have an instant bond and affinity with their sisters and brothers.

Least favorite thing about cycling: Having to drive to get to trails.

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Mike Trumpfheller

Alias: Mike or Trump (since 1990)

Favorite local trail: Cabin John Trail

Favorite non-local trail: Carvins Cove, Va

Favorite local race: Capitol cross or DCCX

Best race result: 2nd – attack on swayback, Sport

Number of bikes owned: : 5

Favorite bike owned: carbon cross bike – with SRAM Cx-1 and Zipp wheels. Though I’m building a new FS 27.5+ bike so it may be my new fav

E-bikes are… .not for off road trails

Roadies are… fine when you’re riding with them

Shaved legs or hairy legs: all natural

Favorite thing about cycling: being outside

Least favorite thing about cycling: flats, squeaky bottom brackets you can’t fix

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Raúl Esteban de los Angeles Rojas Garbanzo

Alias: Raúl…accent on the “u” is important.

Favorite local trail: Cabin John Trail on a Cross Bike with tubbies (this is key-great for training)

Favorite non-local trail: Patapsco and rides near my home town in Costa Rica (second day of Ruta de los Conquistadores)

Favorite local race: DCCX>>Charm City=Capital CX

Best race result: I loved winning DCCX 35+

Number of bikes owned: : 6

Favorite bike owned: Road Bike: Specialized S-Works; MTB: Trek Procaliber 9.8

E-bikes are… .fine

Roadies are… for the most part nice folks but some a a-holes. I am roadie as well!

Shaved legs or hairy legs: Shaved from April to December. Al natural the rest of the year.

Favorite thing about cycling: MTB–being outside–Road: love to ride hard and get a good workout–Cross is special-strengthen your mind…

Least favorite thing about cycling: not being able to fix anything other than a flat.

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William Sanders

Alias: That southern guy

Favorite local trail: Seneca Ridge Trail (SRT)

Favorite non-local trail: West Point MTB Trail (West Point GA)

Favorite local race: TBD

Best race result: 1st place Chehaw Classic Albany GA

Number of bikes owned: : 2 Felt nine 6 29er, Trek Crockett

Favorite bike owned: Felt nine 6

E-bikes are… . nope

Roadies are… the inline skates of cycling…

Shaved legs or hairy legs: HA

Favorite thing about cycling: Hero Dirt

Least favorite thing about cycling: Ebikes

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Mike Scardaville

Alias: ?????

Favorite local trail: Stokesville (singing “I won’t climb Hanky Mountain” knowing I will)

Favorite non-local trail: Close call between Park City, UT and Kingdom Trails, VT

Favorite local race: DCCX (duh)

Best race result: 4th of 3,765 on the defunct Strava “Conn Ave gravel
trail to Bethesda” segment. If you somehow beat me you are now trespassing!

Number of bikes owned: : 7. Two with fat tires, 3 with medium width tires and two skinny whips.

Favorite bike owned: My bikes might search this site so I won’t say. A parent can’t pick among its children.

E-bikes are… for cycling the Bavarian Alps when I’m old

Roadies are… fast but tipsy

Shaved legs or hairy legs: both but most often hairy

Favorite thing about cycling: Passing on a technical feature of a CX race
Least favorite thing about cycling: getting my gear together for a ride/race
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