Parker’s Bailey Hundo 2016

Parker’s race report from the Bailey Hundo on Saturday. This was his longest ride ever—by 5 hours.

Overall it was so brutal. Was a different course than previous years, with 13k ft climbing over ~106 miles. That, and temps somewhere in the 90s with strong sun and smoggy/smokey air caught people off guard. Only 52 finishers out of about 200. I started strong and felt great, on 10 hr pace through 40 miles, then lost 2 hrs to that over the next 65 to finish at 12:10. Here’s the Strava, just constant climbing until the last couple miles. Would have rather done the same vertical condensed into fewer longer climbs.

So happy to have finished! Was surprised when the aid stations said I was fighting the cutoff times, which were way too aggressive given the conditions. I think it was a lot more brutal than anyone expected, racers or organizers. Started out absolutely heavenly. The first two descents were about the most fun thing ever, following behind some great riders. Then so many tough mental moments – when the heat kicked in on a full sun 10 mile climb, when I bonked a little after 40 miles, when I almost barfed/s**t myself trying to eat and drink enough at mile 50, making the turn to the second lap at mile 60 when I could have just ridden to the finish, every f**king hill on the second lap, and then finding out that it was 106 miles when I was at mile 85 or so – meaning about 2.5 hours left, much of it uphill.

 There was supposed to be a big party atmosphere at the end with beer, margaritas and a band, but all that was shut down when I finished. Racers were so spread out that the festivities were pretty lame overall, but at least I got a big plate of BBQ. I feel pretty good now. Honestly not even really sore, just tired. Went for an easy recovery ride yesterday and felt fine.

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